What is a Green Superfood Smoothie Recipe and Can it Help You Live Longer

green superfood smoothie recipe

When I was looking for a green superfood smoothie recipe, I was at a loss of what to look for. There are so many fruits and vegetables out there to choose from, plus I’m not much of a cook. This is when I stumbled upon the Green Superfood Smoothie Diet. The website talks about how the supplement can help to reduce cholesterol and fat while increasing energy levels. I knew right then and there that this was exactly what I had been looking for. It took all of the guesswork out of dieting, plus it was very convenient.

An Overview

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The first step in making a green superfood smoothie is to use a blender or smoothie machine to purify the liquid. Some greens are easier to work with than others. I decided to go with spinach and green beans. They have antioxidant properties and are relatively low in fat. Another ingredient that I added was coconut oil. It’s high in fats but still very low in saturated fats.

Once the greens were pureed, I placed them in my blender or smoothie machine along with some fresh lime juice and a little water. I let this all blend until it turned into a thick green superfood smoothie. I usually ended up with about three cups of well blended green superfood. You can adjust the quantities to your taste.

To be authentic, you will need to add some fiber to the green superfood smoothie recipe. Most of the time I just added a cup of water instead of adding any other fiber. For a more memorable taste, try incorporating some frozen fruit. I love to add fresh berries or a few chunks of fruit. If you want a smoother consistency, you can add some whey protein powder to the mix as well.

Facts About And Benefits Of Green Smoothie

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If you serve this green superfood smoothie recipe cold, it will provide some much needed energy to start your day. The high levels of antioxidants found in the greens are really powerful. Studies have shown that drinking a glass of green superfood each day can help boost your immune system and even slow down the effects of aging. In addition, the superfoods are full of other essential nutrients that help keep you feeling healthy. They can help you lose weight, promote better eyesight, improve your sleep patterns, improve your immune function, and even help prevent cancer.

Of course to get the most benefits, these superfoods have to be combined with healthy natural ingredients. Some of the best combinations I’ve had are using collard greens, kale, and beet tops. Other ingredients that I typically use are fresh apples, ginger, and coconut milk. If you’re not comfortable adding or taking raw fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of vegan alternatives to get the green superfoods and vitamin C you need. You can also find frozen fruit and vegetable blends that are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants as well.

Now, before you dive into your green superfood smoothie recipe, you first need to gather together your ingredients. For the smoothie itself, you want to start with one eight ounce glass of water. One tablespoon of flax seed oil, one cup of frozen or fresh collard greens, and one cup of kale or beet leaves. Any of these ingredients can be prepared by you. Simply soak the greens in water for about twenty minutes. Drain them and then add the flax seed oil and kale or beet leaves.

In The End

For a delicious and healthy green superfood smoothie recipe, enjoy the use of the leafy greens. Add a little blueberry or lemon juice if you prefer. My favorite thing to do is use collard greens because they are so fresh and delicious. Also, I use a blender to make my smoothies.

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