Turmeric Superfood Benefits: 6 Reasons To Take The Miracle Spice

Superfood Benefits

From benefiting the skin and fighting inflammation to helping in weight-loss, the reasons that make turmeric a superfood stay undisputed. Also referred to by the name ‘Indian saffron’, this miracle spice is a prominent staple of the natural healing system used in India. But what exactly makes turmeric extremely beneficial and powerful? Keep reading to know the superfood benefits of this ancient spice.

Turmeric Aids In Weight-Loss


Turmeric aka the golden spice is known to suppress the growth of Adipose or fat tissue. So, a good weight-loss workout complemented with turmeric intake can help get rid of excess fat from the body. As this miracle spice also lessens inflammation which is one of the main causes of fat deposition, it eventually aids in weight-loss. 

Tip: Drink turmeric milk or tea every day to get rid of excessive fat. You can also add this spice to your dishes. 

It Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Properties

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Inflammation refers to the response of our body’s immune system against irritants or harmful foreign objects such as germs or viruses. Although inflammation is paramount, chronic inflammation can result in frequent infections, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and even heart disease. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice that can treat chronic inflammation without any side effects. 

Turmeric Benefits Skin Health

Turmeric has antioxidants and holds the power to keep free radicals at bay. As it is also anti-inflammatory, it can heal skin conditions like eczema, acne, etc. Turmeric also makes the skin glowing and reduces oil secretion thereby treating oily skin issues. Other superfood benefits of turmeric related to skin are fewer chances of infection and reduction in dark patches. 

Turmeric Is Good For Heart

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric reduces the chances of blood thickening or clotting thereby preventing heart attack. The magical spice also allows an uninterrupted supply of blood to the heart muscles by preventing the arteries from getting thin. What’s more? Some studies have also shown that turmeric can repair exercise intolerance in people who have suffered from heart failure. This may eventually improve the functionality of the heart ventricle.

Turmeric Treats Depression

Depression is often caused by the low plasma levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor aka BDNF, a molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter modulator. Curcumin that is present in turmeric is known to boost the BDNF levels. That means turmeric intake can treat depression to a certain level. 

It Can Prevent Alzheimer’s 

Alzheimer’s disease, a common progressive disorder occurs due to many reasons, two of them being oxidative stress and inflammation. Turmeric can reduce this stress and also cure inflammation. Therefore, including turmeric in a daily diet can prevent Alzheimer’s from occurring.

How To Take Turmeric To Redeem The Superfood Benefits

There are many ways to consume turmeric. Some of them include:

  • Ensure the smooth functioning of your heart by adding turmeric to your rice, curries, salads, etc. 
  • People with oily skin can make a face pack with turmeric powder and gram flour. Dry skin beauties can use a face mask with almond oil and ground turmeric.  
  • If you are suffering from inflammation, drinking turmeric tea can help. You can add cinnamon for extra benefit. Adding a pinch or two of the spice in milk is also effective in treating inflammation in the body.
  • Turmeric along with other weight-loss foods can provide great results to those wanting to lose weight. Complement your everyday exercise with a diet including turmeric, citrus foods, leafy greens, black pepper, green tea, and cinnamon so as to lose weight faster.
  • Indian saffron or the magical spice can help maintain optimal blood glucose levels. Diabetics can drink turmeric milk every day to maintain their insulin levels.
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