Benefits of Acai Berries

There Is More To Acai Berries Than Just Their Gorgeous Looks

People in these present times are not far from understanding the health advantages of superfoods like Noni fruit, Acai berries, and Goji berries. Superfoods offer good quality nutritional value pin the calories they contain. When it comes to consuming berries, there can be nothing more popular than acai considering the incredible antioxidant features it possesses. It is a dark purple wond er fruit that appears quite similar to grapes. The fruit grows in gigantic clusters close to the foliage of Amazon palms. The fruit is generally mixed into many healthy smoothies. Sports enthusiasts and surfers have come with claims saying it helps in enhancing energy levels. Ultimate, experts came up with briefs enumerating the beneficial properties of this fruit.

Top Healthy Foods To Have On Your Grocery List
Top Healthy Foods To Have On Your Grocery List

Superfood Properties Of Acai

80% of the berry is made of seed which is of no use. Nevertheless, the skin and the flesh pack a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Not to forget, the berry offers only 70 calories per cup. Superfood properties of the berry include:

  • Like all the other berries, even acai speaks of antioxidants that can be of good help in building the immune system. The antioxidant content of the fruit also helps in protecting the cells against free radical damage.
  • Packed with fiber, the berries help to make lavatory trips regular while keeping a person full and his blood sugar stable.
  • High in its calcium content, the berry helps in keeping the heart, bones, nerves, and muscles healthy and strong.
  • Many individuals are of the view that having a diet filled with avocados, nuts, and fish might be perfect for availing the regular dose of omega-3 fatty acids. But even Acai’s are great sources of these healthy fats. Eating them in the planet can improve cholesterol and lower the chances of coronary heart problems.
How Does Food Impact Health?
How Does Food Impact Health?

How Do The Acai Berries Work?

It is the chemical antioxidant content of acai that makes it the perfect ingredients for protecting cells from damage caused due to oxidation. Research in this field has proved the fact that these berries have more antioxidants in comparison to raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry.

Safety And Dosing Considerations

Experts recommend avoiding the use of these berries during pregnancy. Even breastfeeding mothers should avoid its usage to be on the safe side of things. Coming to dosing considerations, proper dosage of the fruit is dependent on several factors like the age and health of the user, and various other conditions. It is always essential to keep the dosage for this fruit in mind considering the natural product that it is. As a user, you need to follow proper regulations and relevant directions of use. Visiting a doctor or pharmacist might also work.

Why The Hype?

Of course, acai boasts of some wonderful health advantages. Naturally, for a product as popular as acai, there are good chances of finding misleading information and false claims. Nevertheless, claims should be interpreted properly. If you are thinking of shedding pounds, do not go straight towards incorporating this berry into your diet. Consult your doctor, consider its health benefits towards losing weight and only then take the next major step.

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