The Best Heart Healthy Diet: How to Eat for a Healthy Heart

heart healthy diet

If you’re looking to protect your heart, you may be wondering what the best diet for a healthy heart is. Many factors can affect heart health, including weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. The good news is that there are plenty of foods that can help support a healthy heart. These include whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. A heart-healthy diet includes.

1. Choose whole grains over refined grains

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Whole grains contain more fiber than refined grains, which can help reduce cholesterol levels and keep blood sugar levels in check. Fiber is also beneficial for promoting regularity and preventing constipation. Good sources of whole grains include oats, barley, quinoa, and brown rice.

2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are important for heart health. They can also help reduce cholesterol levels and keep blood pressure in check. Aim to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

3. Choose lean protein sources.

Lean protein sources are lower in saturated fat than other proteins, making them better for heart health. Good lean protein sources include chicken, fish, tofu, legumes, and eggs.

4. Include nuts and seeds in your diet.

Nuts and seeds are a good source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. They can help reduce cholesterol levels and keep blood sugar levels in check. Good sources of nuts and seeds include almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds.

5. Use healthy fats in moderation.

Healthy fats are important for heart health, but they should be used in moderation. Good sources of healthy fats include avocados, olive oil, and fish oil.

6. Avoid processed foods and sugary drinks.

Processed foods and sugary drinks are high in calories and can contribute to weight gain. They can also raise blood sugar levels, which can be harmful to heart health. It’s best to avoid or limit these foods and drinks as much as possible.

Physical Activities For A Healthy Heart.

1. Be sure to get enough exercise.

Exercise is important for heart health. It can help reduce cholesterol levels, keep blood pressure in check, and maintain a healthy weight. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week.

2. Quit smoking if you smoke.

Smoking is one of the most harmful things you can do for your heart health. If you smoke, quitting is the best thing you can do for your heart.

3. Limit alcohol intake.

Drinking too much alcohol can raise blood pressure and contribute to weight gain. It’s best to limit alcohol intake to no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.

4. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

Sleep is important for overall health, including heart health. Getting enough sleep can help reduce stress levels and promote a healthy weight. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night.


The best heart-healthy diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You should also aim to include lean protein sources and healthy fats in your diet. If you’re looking for a place to start, our team can help! We provide meal plans and recipes that are tailored for a healthy heart.

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