Superfood List 2014 – Here Are The Items From The List

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Foods that offer maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories are dubbed “superfoods,” a term that’s pretty recent in the culinary world. Their nutritional value is unmatched. In the current state of affairs, there are no standard criteria or legal definitions that classify any food as a “superfood”. Though, superfoods are derived from plants. When you are interested in consuming superfoods, you might want to understand what comes under the umbrella and the importance of consuming superfoods before you start including that in your diet. In this article, we will learn what superfood is and the list of superfoods in 2014

What Is Superfood? 

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Superfoods are high-nutrient foods. Their nutritional value is high and they have very few calories.

We can find many nutrients in them, including minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Dietary sources of antioxidants include fruits, vegetables, and meats. As a result, our bodies can combat free radicals. As a byproduct of energy production, free radicals have the potential to wreak havoc on the body.

Superfood List 2014 – Importance Of Superfood

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Several studies have shown that superfoods rich in antioxidants and flavonoids can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer, while also improving immunity and reducing inflammation

Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is also strongly associated with a lower risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions, as well as a lower risk of death overall.

A healthy complexion, nails, and hair are aided by the nutrients found in these foods. They also help to boost energy. To maintain a healthy weight, they can also be beneficial.

List Of Superfood 2014

A growing awareness of the importance of what you eat in your health has made superfoods a hot topic in 2014.

Kale- Kale’s status as a superfood isn’t new. Everything has it, and there are plenty of ways to use it in new and inventive ways. That being said, it is still the most nutrient-dense vegetable available. 

Garlic- Garlic is an immune system booster and antibacterial that can help protect you against colds, flu, and other winter bugs. There are a lot of benefits to it as well.

Tomato- Carotenoid Lycopene, among other nutrients found in tomatoes, is thought to play a role in reducing the risk of cancer. In addition to reducing heart disease, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements in tomatoes can improve your skin’s tone and gum and tooth health.

Tea- With hundreds of beneficial compounds, including antioxidant flavonoids, tea is also a healthy beverage. Besides preventing cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, they’re also essential for maintaining youthful vitality.

Honey- Many vitamins and minerals can be found in honey, which can help boost your immune system. Unrefined honey from your region is thought to help protect you from certain bacteria and allergens. As a cough and sore throat reliever, it is widely used.


When these foods are available, we can include them in a healthy diet. If you want to find them, don’t spend too much or look too far. They help you maintain a healthy body.

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