Mapping For Food Safety And Details

Some Mapping For Food Safety And Details

Mapping for food is a growing affair in the entire world. It is because it helps one with storing and taking proper care of the foods. I will depict An incident relating to a balloon. A balloon, which was somewhat one meter in diameter, flew above the tin roof of Mathare. Mathare is one of Nairobi’s biggest Informational settlements. There was a camera that was dangling down from the thread of the balloon. However, as the balloon holder walked through the streets, the camera captures a lot of shots. These photos helped society to know the threat in the food context in the entire country. 

However, the balloon idea is just one idea of the mapping notion. This idea got support from some community members. This notion also got its support from Muungano wa navijiiji. This is federation in the Kenyan slum dwellers. However, it has some connection with the Urban zoo project. 

Creating the first map made it show some food kiosks. After that, there were some mobile food vendors. Well, there were a number of rubbish dumps along with open sewers. .Therefore it really helped to bring out the proper safety and security associated with food and health. Moreover, food safety is the top priority to survive a lifetime. Therefore mapping for food is the ultimate path to start taking the steps. 

The help of Muungano initiated the first mapping detail. However, some more four community helpers helped with the project. 

What Is The Importance Of Mapping For Food?

Informal settlement plays a vital role in preparing the city economies. Therefore it helps out with the finance in carrying our the life of many, And this notion is a viral affair. In Nairobi there are around two of its population are settling in the 175 informational settlement. However, the government, along with their official papers, usually ignores these surveys. 

Therefore, most of the information settlement official does not have any existence. In fact, there are many discrepancies regarding the sewers, piped waters, health care, garbage collection, schooling, and also sanitation. Therefore, it makes them deprived off from opening a bank account. It also makes them unable to get registered with the election commissions. Moreover, this discrepancy makes them deprived of all the rights to become a citizen. 

Mapping for food is nothing but some light to the undocumented affairs. However, mapping is the key to solve such ugly affairs. This method offers society in some ways to take proper actions. However, this mapping for food advocates the hard situation they are in right now. Mapping helps to solve by addressing the problems they are facing. 

Some More Details Of The Mapping Details

However, the whole mapping process is a political affair. This whole process gets limitations to the geographical boundary. Nonetheless, they also address what is within these boundaries. A map will, however, determine in bringing out the problem of the locality. And also, the one who is mapping gets the ability to solve the hunger, sanitary, health, etc. problems of associated regions. 

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