Recipe Of Hainanese Turkey Rice

Recipe of Hainanese Turkey Rice

Almost every one of us has a recipe that he or she can get from different cultures. These recipes have a long history and many uses. However, some recipes remain to be a source of controversy. Most of the controversies arise in the form of ancient recipes. In the modern world, people may eat all sorts of foods without taking into consideration a number of factors. However, when it comes to preparing food for old-fashioned people, there is a wide variety of foods that people generally prefer to have.

Hainanese Turkey Rice

Recipe of Hainanese Turkey Rice
Recipe of Hainanese Turkey Rice

The famous Hainanese Turkey Rice recipe is one such recipe. It is among the oldest known recipes and this proves that it was eaten by the ancient people. It is a mixture of rice, dried plum or egg, and meat. The original recipe called for chicken, but it was replaced by the turkey and other poultry in the 21st century.

While many recipes will tell you that the recipe is easy to make, there are those who find it too difficult to make and keep on coming back again because of the way it tastes. Hainanese Turkey Rice has been popular among the Chinese and the Malaysians but is not common among the
Malays. The original recipe calls for chicken meat, but nowadays most of the chicken in the market comes from countries like India and China.

How To Cook Hainanese Turkey Rice?

Cooking Hainanese Turkey Rice is very simple. There are many ways to prepare the recipe and cook it. One of the ways is to place the dish on a tray in the center of the burner and let it go until it reaches its right temperature. It can then be transferred to a serving dish. This recipe is a part of a whole set of dishes that are served in a different part of the house. The Hainanese version of the recipe is named as “EsliaTinggga”. The dish originated from Indonesia, but later, it was taken over by the Malaysians.
The actual menu includes a number of dishes. The main dish of the menu is the Hainanese Turkey Rice. There are four different types of this dish; it is either dry or wet.

Main Types

Recipe of Hainanese Turkey Rice
Recipe of Hainanese Turkey Rice

The main difference between the two types is the consistency of the dish.
Hainanese rice recipe is a dish prepared by mixing rice with cooking oil. It is cooked until it becomes sticky. The next dish is the Hainanese Dry Chicken. This dish is used to add spiciness to the dish. It is cooked using the dry sauce that is usually made using various spices such as cloves, coriander, and cumin.

The third dish is the Hainanese Wet Chicken. This dish contains both dry and wet ingredients. The cooking process is almost the same as the dry chicken and the gravy is prepared to be used with the wet sauce. The gravy is one of the best parts of the Hainanese Turkey Rice recipe.

The fourth dish is the Hainanese Dry and Wet Sauce. This sauce is also prepared in two different types. It can be prepared using the dry ingredients that are mostly chicken and shrimp or it can also be prepared using the wet ingredients that include vegetables and fish. These are often
used to add flavor to the dish.


Eating Hainanese Turkey Rice is a little bit difficult because the dish is cooked so delicately. It requires skill to cook this dish without burning the rice. The flavor is very well balanced and it has a taste similar to the taste of hot curry.

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