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Everyone has been raving about the green superfood hydrate. This health food has taken the supplement market to the next level and raised the bar to what people can expect from supplements. In this article, we shall update you about the green superfood hydrate benefits so that you can make this healthy investment soon.


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The Green Superfood Hydrate comes in a strawberry lemonade flavor. It is an easy and delicious way to add multiple veggies to your diet plan along with some essential electrolytes and vitamins. The tablets are made with a blend of organically grown alkalizing green vegetables such as wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa. It also contains an incredible mix of 30 anti-oxidant-rich superfoods. All you need to do is to drop one tablet of this green food into a glass of water.


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  • Just one tablet of green superfood hydrate gives you your daily requirement of  5 green vegetables and also helps to support your immune system.
  • The tablets contain enough electrolytes to provide optimal hydration to your body.
  • It supplies 100% of your daily requirement of vitamins B1 and B12.
  • You also get a potent antioxidant blend of superfoods with these tablets.
  • These contain Kosher salt
  • The tablets are also non-GMO. 
  • You also get these tablets in various other flavors such as Lemon Lime, Watermelon Lime, Berry, Energy Tropical and Detox Orange Turmeric.
  • You will not only getting benefits of regular hydration but also vitamins, electrolytes, and greens – all in a convenient tablet form that’s easy to take anywhere!
  • It is tough to complete your vegetable and fruit requirement in a day often because of improper food habits, hectic lifestyles and junk food cravings. With the green superfood hydrate benefits, you can get the benefits of essential food items with just one tablet, while you can still fulfill your other food cravings.
  • It is extremely practical to carry this tablet box anywhere and all it takes a glass of water and tablet to keep your system power-packed with essential nutrients, keeping you hydrated and energetic for the rest of the day.
  • It is great for traveling to different countries, where you might not get your regular healthy meals. You need not compensate on your health now and can easily manage your health requirements with just one tablet daily.

There are many green superfood hydrate benefits. These are made in hygienic conditions and packed in a vacuum sealed bottle that is very easy to carry anywhere. You can also give these tablets as a gift to your near and dear ones and introduce them to the various benefits of this superfood. Today, with hectic lifestyles, everyone is looking for easier means to fulfill their health requirements and this green superfood hydrate is an excellent choice. There are various other forms of green superfood as well. Some companies sell it in the form of powder that needs to be dissolved in water. You can first try this green superfood hydrate to see how it works for  you.

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