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Pasta has always been our go-to comfort food as it is easy to make and is quite delicious to eat. Pasta is a staple Italian dish that has become quite popular around the world in these few years. The pasta and its sauce are a match made in heaven. What’s pasta without its sauce, no pasta taste good if the sauce lacks the seasoning. The right shape can enhance the taste of the sauce. One factor that also makes the paste taste good, the method in which we prepare. Though pasta making is difficult, we can make them easily with these pasta maker kitchen cooker.

We all must be aware of the fact that different pasta shapes absorb the sauce differently. Different past sings differently with its sauce and if we alter the combination it can result in a mess. The pasta can smell good and can also look good but if the right pasta isn’t used it won’t taste the same anymore. These are some of the common mistakes that people do a lot, so these small things should be kept in mind. Perfect pasta and sauce pairing are needed to make the dish stand out. While there are some simple pasta dressing that is universal and can go well with any kind of pasta but that isn’t the case everywhere. 

Pasta Maker Kitchen Microwave Cooker

Now cook pasta perfectly in no time using the Pasta Maker Kitchen Microwave Cooker. Save more time and effort in cooking your pasta by simply waiting for it to cook in your microwave. Not only for pasta but you can also try it with rice, potatoes, and other vegetables! Serve your guests you pasta recipe without making them wait too long. It is made of high-quality and safe plastic material, this container will remain durable even after long repeated use. It is heat-resistant and is definitely safe for cooking food inside the microwave. The design is especially to fit the pasta inside. And in just a few minutes, you can have healthy and perfect pasta right away.

How To Use Them

Clean the container first with soap and warm water. Remove first the steamer rack and you can place the pasta. The handle of this container serves as a measurement for the 2-portion of spaghetti. After placing the pasta, fill it with water on the indicated level. Place the container inside the microwave oven and set the time. Do not place the lid or the steamer when inside the microwave. Leave it open as it cooks.

Carefully and slowly remove the container inside the microwave after the timer stops. You can now put the strainer lid to remove the excess water. You can directly pour the sauce in the container.


  • Save time and prepare pasta in half the time.
  • With a quantity guide to preparing proper portions.
  • Multi-purpose pasta cooker.
  • Safe for microwaving.
  • You can prepare rice, pasta, even vegetables using your pasta maker.
  • Ergonomic grip for easy handling.
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