Organic Food: What Makes The Difference?

Organic Food – How Is It Different?

In the modern world, there is a widespread belief that organic food is better than the one produced using conventional techniques. How true is it? Read on to know everything you need to know about ‘Organic Food’.

Agricultural Practices

Agriculture is an integral part of human lives. Humans consume millions of tons of agricultural products every day.

Over the years – the use of pesticides, fertilizers and harmful chemicals has increased. This is in order to increase the quantity of produce. This has also led to the farm produce becoming more and more harmful for human consumption.

As a much-needed alternative to conventional food, organic farming was introduced. It produces food that is much better than conventional produce.

What Is Organic Food?

Organic Food – How Is It Different?
Organic Food – How Is It Different?

Organic food is a food produced by following all the standards of organic farming. Organic farming does not allow usage of any pesticides, chemicals, and artificial fertilizers.

The regular farming has a lot of negative impact on the environment. The usage of chemicals and pesticides has started having an impact on groundwater, biodiversity and drinking water supplies.

On the other hand, organic farming does not have any negative impact on the environment. It is because it does not use any harmful artificial fertilizers.

History And Evolution

During the early 1930s, researchers who were working on alternative methods of farming introduced the concept of organic farming.

It started gaining popularity and adoption increased particularly in the USA and Australia.

Today, organic farming in Australia constitutes almost 50% of the farm produce.

Organic Food: Governing Body

A food is considered organic if it is produced by following all the standards of organic farming. Each country has an organization that regulates the use of certain fertilizers and pesticides.

The standards of organic farming do not allow processing of foods using radiations, additives and industrial solvents that are harmful to health.

The governing bodies for organic farming system certify each product before they enter the market. They ensure that the products strictly abide by the regulations and guidelines framed by the organization.

Perception Of Public

Organic Food – How Is It Different?
Organic Food – How Is It Different?

The demand for organic foods is usually generated by people who are sensitive to good personal health and the environment.

In other words, Growing concerns over the quality of food produced using conventional farming techniques have led to increased adoption of organic food.

People believe that organic foods are more nutritious than conventionally produced foods. Moreover, they are believed to be safer and have better taste.

Although there is no evidence that proves that organic food tastes better than conventionally produced food. However, the perception is strong that it actually does.

Comparing fruits; there is evidence that organic fruits are relatively drier compared to conventionally produced ones. The fruits being dry leads them to be tastier than the normal ones due to the higher concentration of flavoring substances.

Economics And Adoption

Over the years, the adoption of organic farming techniques has increased. It is widely popular in Australia. Moreover, more and more people are adopting organic foods even in Asian countries.

The Asian countries India and China are becoming global producers of organic crops. Organic farming is becoming more and more popular in European and American countries as well.

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