Hainanese Turkey Rice Recipe

Hainanese turkey rice is said to have originated from the corners of Malaysia and also Singapore. It is supposed to have been an adaptation of the Chinese dish, namely Wenchang tu-rkey. Several stories fly around with the background of this dish.

The legend went by with the arrival of a Chinese traveler in Singapore and started his rice business. He started his business with a pole which he carried on this shoulder. Later, when he successfully accumulated a lot of capital, he started his restaurant business there in Singapore. 

However, the delicacy has stood up as one of the best outstanding treats in the entire world. Let’s get involved with the recipe of this fine and exotic food item. 

Bamboo Heat Resistant Pan Mats
Bamboo Heat Resistant Pan Mats

1st And 2nd Step In Hainanese Turkey Rice Recipe:

Poach, the Tur-key is the first step in this cooking process. Take out a pan which will be enough to take the whole Tu-rkey in it. Boil the Turkey for around 20 minutes. On the other hand, go for preparing the aromatics; for this dice some ginger, garlic along with the scallions. Add this item into the water for an aromatic fragrance. Or one can also add these items into the tur-key cavity and secure it with toothpicks. 

The next step in this process is the exfoliation of the Tu-rkey with salt. Keep the Tu-rkey under running water these will help in removing the skin and any extra unwanted stuff from the outer surface of the Tu-rkey. Better clean the wands from the seller to avoid any adverse situations. 

After the cleaning the turkey use tongs to hold the Tu-rkey on the boiling water. The heat from the boiling water will help in contracting the tu-rkey skin and would be helpful while cooking the Tur-key.

Again place the Tur-key entirely into the boiling water for some time. If required, add more water to the pot. 

Then place Turkey at ice-cold water to instantly stop cooking. Dry the Tur-key. After that marinate it with coriander leaves and scallion.

 Prepare The Rice; The 2nd Step In Hainanese Turkey Rice Recipe:

For cooking the turkey rice, one must boil the long grain rice. Then place it in another container. In a cooking pan. Fry chopped and mashed garlic long with ginger in cooking oil. One can also use Tur-key for this method. Then add the rice into the pot and then fry the whole items until you smell a sweet fragrance. 

How Does Food Impact Health?
How Does Food Impact Health?

 Prepare The Sauce; 3rd And 4Th Step In Recipe:

For making the Hainanese turkey sauce blend garlic, ginger, salt, and red chili. Add some turkey broth in this mixture with few drops of lemon drops. Add soya sauce, sesame oil, turkey broth along with oyster sauce and mix it all. Spray this concentrate on to Turkey prior to serving. 

Prepare The Soup;4th Step In The Hainanese Turkey Rice Recipe: 

And for the turkey soup, boil the turkey feet for around 20 minutes. Then remove the turkey feet from the water and add cucumber to the water and then cook it till it softens. Add salt and pepper as seasoning. 

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