Indian Superfood List And Their Benefits

Indian Superfoods List

What exactly comes to our minds when we hear the word ‘superfood’? Well, it might seem like something exotic and expensive, but that is just a myth. Superfoods can also comprise something that you can commonly get, and Indian superfoods are mostly traditional. According to recent research, many common items have been able to secure their name on the list of superfoods. If you have no idea about them, you have to read on to gain ample knowledge about the same.


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As silly as it might sound, ghee is healthy. Most people used to dismiss it because of its oily and sticky nature, but now it is one among the Indian superfood list globally. It is a high source of energy, and one tablespoon will give 135 calories. The saturated fat content is very less- about 9 grams, and it is a recommendation by most health experts. There are no carbs or sugar, or fat that will be harmful to the body, and it also helps eliminate the chances of cancer. Do not forget to put a spoon full of ghee in a bowl of rajma chawal.

Amla- Indian Superfood List

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Also known as Gooseberry, this was one of the most neglected superfoods to date. But now, with the enhancement of Ayurveda, more and more people understand the essence of Amla. You can eat it raw or boiled and even add it as a seasoning on any dish. This is a fruit that contains Vitamin c and is incredibly good for the skin and hair. Also, it is an immunity booster and will help in improving eyesight as well as shared fat. If you are suffering from any of the chronic conditions, then Amla is the superfood to relieve you of the pain.


There is a definite reason why every other Indian dish has a pinch of Turmeric in it. It is also known as the Curcuma longa plant and has a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits. It can boost heart health to a great extent, and you will enjoy a hearty and healthy life. Try having raw turmeric stem with some honey, and it will also help you lose fat.


Quinoa might be something which is trendy, but have you ever tried Ragi? If yes, you will know about the super grain and find the difference in the body. It had a lot of antioxidants, Iron, Vitamin D, and a lot more, and you can optimize the blood sugar levels. It will also eliminate the chances of stroke, and you can also go for weight management by inducing it in your diet. This element will help you relax better, and you can feel your body getting lighter.

Curd- Indian Superfood List

If you want to have something, especially for summer, you would want to have curd rice or roti. One cup of curd will have 100-150 calories so that it can provide you energy. It will also help you with digestion if you have it with cucumber.

Bottom Note

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can also go for elements like Jau, Bajra, Jackfruit, etc., which comes under the Indian superfood list. Go ahead and try some!

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