Include the Tomato Superfood Benefits in your diet

tomato superfood benefits

Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as the Tomato, is a source of many nutrients. We never think that a superfood can be so close to us. One of the most common ingredients, present in every kitchen, found almost daily, is a superfood tomato. It is in our nature to ignore the simplest of resources. Tomato is one such forgotten source of wellness.

Source of nutrients

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C & vitamin K. Both the vitamins play an essential role in keeping our wellness intact. Vitamin C has a great antioxidant potential. The antioxidant activity in our body results in fresh & energetic looks. Whereas, Vitamin K is an active component & a necessary requirement for keeping the bone health at its optimum levels. It is also a crucial part I the process of blood clotting. It is because of vitamin K that we do not lose a lot of blood on encountering small cuts or injuries. Tomatoes also contains potassium, required to blood pressure levels & folates, which is dominant in normal cell & tissue growth system.

Tomatoes, The Tasty Berries

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Tomatoes are botanically considered as fruits. But well after the 1870s, they are a key ingredient in the vegetable section of the grocery stores. Tomatoes, are categorized as vegetables because of their multi-faceted use in the culinary. They are a bit sweet, sometimes a little tangy too, berries. They are easily incorporated in the Savoury dishes and therefore are considered a nutritious vegetable.

Nutritious to health as well as skin

Tomatoes, as stated, having the significant vitamins, also support the well-being of our beauty. These vitamins are commonly used in a number of beauty products. They fight the dull skin, including the fatigue. Vitamin C acts at the front when the fight is against the blemishes. Eating a tomato daily might save you from many skin diseases because of the presence of active vitamin K. This property of tomatoes really makes it the superfood that each & every person will try to include in their diet.

Tomatoes in wide range of recipes

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It is due to taste of Tomatoes that it can be incorporated in many dishes. Be it a starter like salad or any Savoury dish, like pasta or Spaghetti, tomato is a key ingredient. The ease of using a tomato, in a variety of dishes also gives it a special significance. You can dice it small or big, use long yet slender cuts & there your dish is suddenly much more beautiful. If you like raw tomatoes, the little green ones can make your dish the needed crunch along with the goodness of nutrition.


These small red berries, tomatoes, are available effortlessly & can be easily grown in your kitchen garden. No matter if you are vegetarian, vegan or a non-vegetarian, there is a way that you can utilize the goodness of tomatoes in some of favorite dishes.  Try for yourself & reflect all the nutrition with a smiling face.

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