Importance of Agriculture-Why Study Agriculture?

why study agriculture

Agriculture is a worldwide industry that involves the production of crops, livestock and fish. This industry not only contributes to our economy but also helps us meet our food needs. This contributes to why people study agriculture.

why study agriculture

If you want to get into the industry of studying agriculture; there are certain things that you need to know before embarking on your study. This industry requires skills and knowledge that most students lack. Students who are interested in the field of agricultural studies will find that it is a worthwhile, and fun career to pursue.

How many people are into agriculture business?

It takes a lot of people to run the business. There are more than one million workers who have employment in agriculture in most countries. And the number is growing rapidly. The demand for laborers who can work in farms is very high. And in most countries, those who do farm labor jobs are well paid.

There are two ways of studying agriculture. One is through an academic program which usually includes classes at the college or university level. It is also possible to take a course to earn an associate’s degree in agriculture.

Another important requirement for the career of studying agriculture is a four year degree. It is not compulsory for you to have a four year degree. However, it will help in getting a better job as well as help you to land a promotion in the field.

Education institutions also offer agricultural research and management programs. These courses include history, theories, and management approaches towards farming. The curriculum may include studying agricultural sciences as well as field research techniques.

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Those who are interested in studying agriculture should be ready to face the realities of the industry. While agriculture is usually done by working men and women; some people can choose to specialize in a particular field like aquaculture or chemical agriculture.

Those who want to be in the science field should endeavour to spend a lot of time learning everything that they can about farming. After all, most of the knowledge about agriculture moves down from generation to generation. And must be passed down again.

Specific Jobs when you study agriculture

Those who plan to get into an agricultural job need to understand the basics about the industry. Agronomy, animal husbandry, animal husbandry and land management are the different areas that require special training. When getting into an agricultural career, one needs to be adept at handling different kinds of animals. Also, learning how to cultivate and raise crops and how to manage livestock.

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People who study agriculture often undergo training in biological methods of farming. In this system, farmers use different kinds of resources like fertilizers, chemicals and manure for crop production. These resources can be expensive. So it is important for farmers to have the right knowledge in order to effectively use them.

There are many resources on agricultural research and management. There are books, journals, websites and seminars that are available online and through some educational institutions.

While studying agriculture, people usually spend a few years on the job. Then, after a short period of time, they will be able to switch to another career. Most people who have studied agriculture as a career gain good knowledge about the industry. On how to organize a farm, how to breed livestock and how to become proficient in using biological methods.

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