High Protein Cheap Foods at the Holiday Inn Express in Holland, Michigan

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Cheap foodstuffs are often high protein cheap foods that are imported from different countries of the world. Many people do not know that such types of stuff are not always healthy for them. When they purchase such stuff, they are in fact just throwing money away. These are not the best choices for a person to take for their holiday inn. To help you out with this article, I will talk about some foods that you should stay away from when you go on a holiday trip with children.

First of all, it is important that you stay away from high-back burgers and pizzas. It would be best if you make your own pizzas at home, and serve them to your family and guests. In fact, making your own pizza at home will help you save much-needed money while preparing a delicious meal for your guests at the holiday inn. I am sure most of your guests will rave about your homemade meal. You will surely find it tastier than those pizzas that they have taken in the past. Also, you will have the liberty to make any kind of ingredients that you want for your pizzas.

High Protein Cheap Foods

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Next in line would be the frozen stamford noodles. I have tried several times to eat chinese noodles in high back restaurants, but was always met with failure. This is because the noodles are laden with so many unnecessary preservatives that it becomes unhealthy to eat them. Not only is chinese noodles expensive, they also contain hiv aids, which may cause negative side effects to the people who have HIV aids.

It is highly advisable to avoid high protein foods like beef. Studies have shown that too much beef can give negative effects on the body. Aside from being expensive, beef is loaded with fat that may increase cholesterol levels and cause heart attacks. So stay away from beef at the holiday inn while you are there.

I know this might sound funny but if you really look into it, you will notice that there are very few cheap meals in the Holiday Inn Express. This is because the owner of this establishment doesn’t earn well enough to feed all of his workers. That’s why he opts to offer low priced foods that are not only affordable, but tasteful as well. On most occasions, you will also discover fresh and organic foods.

A Much Ado 

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Aside from those, I have also tried the Christmas turkey at the holiday Inn Express. The employees there were extremely polite and helpful. They even cleaned up after themselves. I wasn’t able to taste the turkey due to some of the ingredients that they use, but my kids did notice that the turkey looked moist when they brought it out of the oven.

If you want to experience the flavors of Asian cuisines, try the BBQ chicken with tofu sauce at Holiday Inn Express. It wasn’t the best-tasting chicken I’ve ever had, but I can guarantee that your kids will be begging for more once they see how tasty it is. And the prices are very reasonable, especially considering all of the other Asian-inspired foods offered at this location.

Final Words

For the last meal of our trip, we decided to go to the nearby Benihana. There are a lot of Asian restaurants around this area, but this one serves some of the best halal food I have ever tasted. For only $8.75, my kids got themselves some sizzling tandoori chicken, which was extremely dry and delicious. For those who would like to try some traditional Turkish foods, the Ottoman restaurant at the Holiday Inn Express served some of their best birguages. My friends and I were thoroughly impressed with the quality of food and service that we received here.

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