Green Superfood Benefits – Health Benefits of Greens Powder

green superfood benefits

Green Superfoods is the newest addition to a vast and exciting line of natural remedies. These additions include everything from alfalfa and chlorella for detoxification and cleansing, to kelp for weight loss and anti-aging. But there’s even more than meets the eye. This article will explain why green superfoods are so beneficial and give you the scoop on some of the other fascinating properties of the various herbs and plants that make up this exciting new superfood family.

Powerful Natural Chemical Chlorophyll

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One undeniably undeniable key to green superfood benefits is their powerful natural chemical chlorophyll. In simple terms, plants harness chlorophyll for energy, while humans use it primarily for healing. Chlorophyll has the added benefit of enhancing healthy digestion, since it breaks down food into compounds that are easier to absorb and metabolize. So if you’re looking to improve your health, you can thank chlorophyll for it!

Of course, the primary green superfood benefits center on nutrition and diet. Chlorophyll contains lots of vitamins and minerals, but some of the most useful are those that you probably aren’t getting enough of. For instance, chlorophyll is rich in vitamin A, which is essential for healthy vision and strong nerves. In addition, avocados, wheat grass and algae extract are packed with vitamin B complexes and potassium, which help normalize blood sugar levels.

Taking Green Vegetables In Supplement Form

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Of course, you don’t have to eat only vegetables and fruits to get these health food benefits. You can also take them in supplement form. In fact, a good multi-nutritional supplement should contain a wide range of these ingredients. Many companies, such as Consumer-sized Agave USA and Myoplex, include a wide variety of these ingredients to meet the demands of all consumers. Even better, these companies include an ingredient list that includes other beneficial ingredients, such as rice bran oil and alfalfa. You should be able to find a good multi-nutritional supplement that includes these and other ingredients to get the green superfood benefits you want.

Whole-Food Farming

The next green superfood I want to discuss is whole-food farming. The natural nutrients in plants (especially forages like wheat grass) provide a safe, high quality protein source. And whole-food farming uses ingredients from natural composts (such as manure, urine and seaweed) that are safe, biodegradable and high in nutrition. They’re easy on the environment and provide a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods, such as:


Aside from the health benefits you can experience by eating greens drink mix, it’s also a fun way to enjoy the flavor and colors of leafy vegetables and fruits. You’ll often find that adding them to your diet can make mealtime more enjoyable, helping you stick to your diet and eliminate cravings throughout the day. Green smoothies may help you lose weight as well, because of the high dietary fiber content. And with regular consumption, you may find that your digestive system functions more efficiently, improving your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and reduce your risk for diseases and illnesses that can affect the digestive system, such as diabetes and colon cancer. Your body will also thank you for choosing to drink this nutrient-rich blend, helping you to avoid harmful toxins and reducing your risk for poor digestion. Even if you didn’t know it, the greens smoothie mix you’re drinking right now may be making your digestive system function at its very best.

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