Green Farming: Main Principles Explained

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To keep it short, you can say the green farming is a way of growing crops and vegetables as nature intends to. It is not only about eliminating the usages of harmful chemicals, but it also has a lot more constraints. There is a governing body that monitors the entire process, right from soil testing, harvesting, collecting, storing to reaching to the customers. It is a practice to maintain detail production standards.

Green Farming: Main Principles Explained
Green Farming: Main Principles Explained

Principles Of Green Farming Production

Healthier Produce

Health is the keyword behind organic food. It is needless to say that our health condition has a direct link to the food we consume. The majority of the food industries are concerned only about the quantity to earn more profit, not the quality. They use harmful pesticides, synthetic preservatives, and also growth hormones. It applies to the animals too. People breed them in a stressed environment and inject hormones to make them grow fast.

We consume all these by eating them. And it makes our body toxic. We give birth to various diseases like heart blockages, asthma, liver malfunction, indigestion, ulcer, and even cancer.

To keep ourselves fit and fine for a prolonged period, we need to intake organic food. They are free from toxic elements.

Ecological Reasons

Organic farming is all about the way to produce natural products. The land should have manure, seaweed, leaf mold, spoiled hay, compost as much as possible. These products will enrich the soil. It may contain anything from plant or animal origin, even the blood and bones. Any leftover vegetables or crops contribute to the potential compost. So, make the most of it.

Check The Soil First For Green Farming

How would you understand that the soil is fit for organic farming? It would have lots of earthworms as well as microorganisms. It indicates that the soil is perfectly prepared.

Proper Rest For Crop Rotation

The soil needs rest for efficient crop-rotation. Between two crop seasons, you can cultivate some covered crops temporarily, like ryegrass. It is beneficial as it protects the soil from erosion and adds elements that keep the soil healthy. Legume plantation is also good for the land as it is capable of storing nitrogen.

Green Farming: Main Principles Explained
Green Farming: Main Principles Explained

Caring For Environment

It is an extremely vital point. We all need to take care of the environment where we belong. As responsible citizens, it is our moral duty to keep our environment clean and green, free from any polluting agent. It will be possible if we maintain a healthy lifestyle, be it about our diet, garments, cosmetics, toys, or anything we require to live.

Balance For Green Farming

To create the ideal atmosphere for organic farming, we have to be fair to the plants and animals. They need a stress free, peaceful environment to grow by the grace of Mother Nature. If we feed them right, we will get the correct result in the future.

Thus, to lead a beautiful life, we need to make a habit of natural products.

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