Food Health: Good Foods For Your Healthy Body

food health

There is no doubt that the real beauty of a person reflects from within. And when it is about good health, the saying is the same. As we eat right, put time for exercise, get good sleep, and manage stress smartly, it reflects in our health. Can you trade your habit of Netflix binging for a yoga class or have a long run in a park? You will start feeling your best and also look your best. In this quest, food health is extremely important for your healthy outlook. With the right food health, you will feel an amazing transformation within you. Here are some good foods that you should keep in your daily diet plan:

Food Health: Superfood Oats

Compared to any other whole grains, oats are the best kind of superfood. In studies, researchers have found that for lowering cholesterol, oats have got the top position.

Various researches have revealed that as oats are full of fiber, you feel full after enjoying even a small portion of it. So, you consume less food; therefore, you can lose weight if naturally. When you incorporate oats in your diet regularly, your skin becomes healthy. Also, your body receives a good amount of nutrients from oats.

food good for health
Food Health: Good Foods For Your Healthy Body

Wild Salmon

When it is about health benefits, wild salmons among the variety of salmons are fantastic fish. Do you know why it has made its place in the superfood list? Salmon fish contains a type of antioxidant called astaxanthin. It helps us to prevent heart diseases as it lowers the cholesterol level to a great extent. Also, the antioxidant can fight sun damage and work as a great anti-aging weapon. Salmon is rich in omega-3. And daily consumption of omega-rich fishes can reduce the precancerous skin lesions development at least 30%.

Food Health: Blueberries For Your Heart

Do you know that these tasty, small gems are rich in antioxidants? Therefore, blueberries are the most healthy heart food. There was a study at Harvard where 93,000 women participated. All of these women ate three servings of strawberries and blueberries every week. Their risk of having a heart attack had reduced at least 30% with regular consumption of these rich fruits with antioxidants. And having blueberries in your diet means, it prevents the skin from looking older.

superfoods for healthy body
Food Health: Good Foods For Your Healthy Body

Vitamin C-rich Healthy Avocadoes

There is no doubt that avocadoes are one of the super fruits that keep you healthy. It is not an assumption but a result of a 2013 study. In that study by Hass Avocado Board, 17,000 people had participated. The research revealed that those who consumed avocado weigh less and also had less belly fat. Therefore, they are less likely to get diabetes and heart diseases, unlike non-avocado fans. As avocado is packed with Vitamin C, E and K, it rejuvenates your skin health.

Nutritious Walnuts

We know that walnuts are packed with high calories. But with calories, they are also nutritious. Among plant-based foods, walnuts have more omega-3 for a healthy heart. Along with that, these nuts are high in fiber and protein. So, it helps us to lose weight. Interestingly, research has revealed that the walnut activates a part of the brain that controls extra cravings. And like all other superfoods, walnuts present you with younger-looking skin as it contains Vitamin E, selenium, zinc and other antioxidants.

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