Filing A Request For Qanon Shaman Organic Food By Chansley

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Is Shaman qanon getting organic food in jail? Is he getting favored as he has supported Donald Trump? There are several prisoners in the jail, but it is still a question of why judges offer the qanon shamam organic food. During the riots on January 06, 2021, US President Donald Trump supporters, including Jake Angeli, breached the security and entered the capitol as there was a debate on the 2020 presidential election electoral vote certification. Qanon Shamam, with a painted face and horned hat, was arrested and sent to the jail of Washington DC.

Argument By The Attorney For Qanon Shamam Organic Food

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Usually, in the jails of the United States of America, the food offered to the prisoners is bologna sandwich and canned fruit, which is given to millions of prisoners in the whole USA. The attorney of chansley, Albert Watkins, put this argument in the jail that the food served to chansley was against his religious beliefs. The Washington DC Department of Corrections, which is holding Chansley, currently has not considered the religious beliefs of Chansley. Concerning that, Chansley has not eaten the food for a week and lost 20 pounds.

Lamberth Took The Decision On Chansley’s Request

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The jail denied offering the organic food which Chansley demanded. They mentioned that the requested food is not served by the food providers who serve the meal to the prisoners in Washington DC. So the judge Lamberth ordered to transfer Chansley was moved to William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia. He was moved there, and one of the biggest food providers in the country, Aramark, is ready to meet the court’s requirement and provide organic food to Chansley.

Weird Demands From The Prisoners Of Riot

This is not just the first time when any prisoner from the Riot has requested something weird. There are people in the past who have requested many different wishes in front of a court, and the court has allowed them. Like Lawyers for Jenny Cudd, a florist and former mayoral candidate in the oil patch city of Midland, Texas, asked a judge for permission to take a four-day trip to Mexico’s Caribbean coast for a work-related bonding retreat with her colleagues and their spouses. They said the trip was planned before the Capitol riot. Cudd’s pretrial services officer didn’t object to the trip, and prosecutors took no position on it, defense attorney Farheena Siddiqui wrote in the court filing.


It is all about the religious belief of Qanon Shamom’s organic food, which he needs in prison. Chansley rioted into the building leaving five people dead. Chansley has not entered a plea and mentioned that he did nothing wrong in participating in the siege. He mentioned that he has not broken the laws and just walked into the open doors. He also mentioned obeying the orders given by the president of the United states. People have different reactions to this after hearing about this weird demand for organic food by chance.

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