Cooking Vegetables: The Healthiest Ways For Preserving Food Nutrients

cooking vegetables

Research says that cooking vegetables increases their nutrients-value, but not all. And it largely depends on the methods that we use for cooking vegetables. However, if you choose to cook the veggies in the healthiest manner, it will both boost the nutritional value and health. So, we should know which cooking options are healthier for ourselves.

Cooking Vegetables: Microwave Steaming

Now almost all modern homes have microwaves. And with microwave, you can cook your food quickly. That means vegetables retain more nutrients. Studies reveal microwave steaming your veggies, is the best way of preserving minerals and vitamins. When the food takes time to cook, the vitamin C in it gets dissolved completely. So, those who have access to microwaves should try cooking vegetables in it.

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Cooking Vegetables: The Healthiest Ways For Preserving Food Nutrients

Stovetop Steaming

In a steaming basket, you can steam the vegetables. Various studies showed that while you steam the broccoli, it retains the glucosinolate, the cancer-fighting element. Also, steaming helps retain the carotenoids in zucchini while increasing carotenoids amount in broccoli and carrots. For protecting polyphenols in the vegetables, stovetop steaming is the best option.

Cooking Vegetables: Sautéing

When you stir fry your veggies, it has a higher chance of retaining all the nutrients of the vegetables. As for sautéing, you need only a small amount of oil; it doesn’t dissolve the vitamin C while you cook the vegetables. Both during stir-frying without oil and boiling, vitamin C starts to dissolve from the vegetables. For sautéing, you will need high heat, so you cook the food quickly without reducing its nutrient value. Also, adding small amount of oil, helps the veggies to be flavorsome, unlike the steamed ones. Steamed vegetables are bland unless you season them well.


For healthy cooking, boiling is a poor method as cooking water pulls away from all the nutrients from the food. However, it’s not a bad and unhealthy method of cooking. Boiling and steaming can produce almost similar results as they preserve carotenoids in zucchini. And in carrots and broccoli, the amount of carotenoids increases with boiling. Also, boiling keeps the vitamin C in veggies way better than during frying. However, the retention value is not as well as the sautéing and steaming.

best ways of cooking vegetables
Cooking Vegetables: The Healthiest Ways For Preserving Food Nutrients


Do you know that frying is the worst method of cooking vegetables? It doesn’t preserve any nutrients. As the foods come in contact with high temperatures, the most stable vitamins quickly degrade. When you fry the veggies, carotenoids, polyphenols, and vitamin C get destroyed completely. Also, fried food contains saturated fats, excess sodium, and trans fats, so it is the least healthy cooking method.

Cooking Vegetables: Roasting

When you roast the veggies, they are exposed to high heat for a long time. It decreases the vitamins; however, it sheds all the nutrients of the food. What’s best about roasting the veggies? It brings out the best flavors of the organic vegetables. So, when you would a roasted vegetable meal, it will be delicious, and you won’t have to add little sodium or unhealthy fat too. You can mix some roasted vegetables on your steam veggie bowl for improved flavor. It means you have a bowl of nutritious and delicious vegetables at your service.

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