Biodynamic Farming: Methods And Principles

Green Farm And Its Principles

There are various types of farming, which follow different principals. Biodynamic agriculture is a type that uses multiple esoteric concepts. The concepts of Biodynamic farming come from Rudolf Steiner. It was only in 1924 when the movements of organic agriculture were prominent. Spiritual and mystical perspectives come with this type of farming. It treats plant growth and soil fertility with a principal deep connected to ecology. Now, let us know about the methods of Biodynamic farming and its principals in more detail.

This type of farming requires some exclusive methods, which are present below.

Biodynamic Farming: Methods And How-To Do

Biodynamic Farming: Methods And How-To Do

Steiner’s Methodology: Methods Of Biodynamic Farming

Steiner’s Methodology is a basic method of Biodynamic farming, which includes various tasks. To prepare root-stimulating spray, the farmers pack dung into a cow horn and bury it underground. The weed and pest control system also differs from other types of farming.

To get rid of the future pest problems, the Biodynamic farmers scatter ashes of burned pests or weeds on fields. Some of the farmers consult stars to plan farming techniques based on it. All these methodologies are from a spiritual concept, which makes it different from organic farming.

Methods Of Biodynamic Farming And More

Though Biodynamic farming has various purposes, there are six main principles of it. These are – plant diversity, animal life, crop rotation, composting, life forces, and homeopathic solutions.

Plant Diversity: The first principle of Biodynamic farming follows the most organic method to keep the soil fertile. On uncultivated lands, the farmers allow a wide variety of plants to grow. Mixing crops is a significant advantage to them, while the different plants complement each other. On the contrary, conventional farming practices monocropping, which lets them farm the same crop in soil year after year.

Animal Life And Crop Rotation

Animal Life: The purpose of Biodynamic farming is to keep the soil and animals protected from chemical components. Hence, farmers care for animal life. They raise varied species of animals in the fields to nurture their lives. As a result, the soil becomes more fertile and free of parasites.

Crop Rotation: This one is also a strong principle, which lets the farmers rotate crops in multiple fields. They cultivate one plant in a field and then take it to cultivate in another field. This principle has many advantages. As a result, this process encourages the soil to become healthier and also reduces parasites.

Biodynamic Farming: Methods And How-To Do

Biodynamic Farming: Methods And How-To Do

Composting And Life Forces

Composting: There is a deep connection between compose with soil health and quality. We can say that it is one of the essential sources of healthy soil. They create a compost pile with organic wastes. In this way, the wasted also gets recycled. Also, hummus is very vital to this type of farming. When the farmers spread hummus on fields, the field becomes enriched with nitrogen.
Life Forces: Biodynamic farmers have a deep philosophy that enriches life forces. They believe that earthly practices influence the cosmic forces.
Homeopathic Solutions: There are nine types of homeopathic solutions that the farmers apply to treat compost, soil, and plants. It is a unique process, known as dynamization. The answers are found from the earth, animal, and other organic sources.

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