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4 Myths About Raw Food Diet Debunked

Are you thinking of going for a raw food diet? If so then get ready to be besieged with opinions and information that might be out there. While many swear by the advantages of having living foods, you will also find many naysayers believing in the common myths surrounding this form of diet. Before rejecting or believing any opinions, try having a closer look at the myths associated with this lifestyle. Get proper clarifications on these myths to decide on what will work perfectly for you. You will get a clear picture and feel delighted to know that they do not stand true to their popularity.

You Should Eat Nothing But Raw Food Diet

Is this possible? Put in your mind before believing in this statement. While many live by this myth, the truth is that even a minor increase in raw, fresh food would be highly beneficial for the ones who are into eating processed foods. Making some simple changes like eating fruits during breakfast in place of sausages and pancakes can improve your overall health. Consuming a green salad during lunch will offer more energy instead of fries, sodas, and hamburgers. Do not believe in the fact that to get the full advantages of a living diet, you need to consume everything raw. Simply increase the amount of raw food in your diet.

Following The 80/10/10 Rule Is Necessary

As you enter into the world of a raw diet, you might get to know the 80/10/10 rule. It is a plan involving the inclusion of raw fruit in one’s diet. It advocates 80% content of raw fruit while 10% protein and 10% fat in regular diet. Many health enthusiasts do follow this rule, but it is not required. Also, this diet plan does not make good sense for every individual. The 80/10/10 diet rule is not advisable for the ones thriving on more protein. You can do better by following a more balanced diet consisting of fats, proteins, and carbs in the right ratio.

Everything You Consume Should Be Cold

No, you will not be restricted to everything cold while following a living food diet. Many raw foodists consider it to be true and move on to have everything cold. They are still not aware of the falseness of this statement. In fact, you should know that you can eat anything that is warmed up a bit. Only ensure that the food you are eating is not heated over 104F. Dishes are soups warmed up on coffee maker plates are way better for the raw foodists than dishes warmed up in dehydrators.

Raw Food Diet Consumption Can Be Expensive

It is valid to some extent. Creating organic and healthy meals might be a little expensive, but at the same time, it can even be cost-effective. It all depends on your individual approach. Consider the prices to go up if you are seeking out a wide assortment of out-of-season produce, exotic superfoods, specialty items, and high-end organic supplements. Nevertheless, buying in-season products and going for local food will help you in saving a huge amount of money.

Following a completely raw food diet might seem quite restrictive. It might also appear as if you would have to give up on all kinds of flavors. Nevertheless, finding some tasty recipes can help you in having surprisingly delicious dishes.

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